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14 July, 2014

Here we go!!

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They (whoever they are) say that it isn’t legit until it’s on Facebook. I made our Facebook announcement last night, so now nearly everyone has the opportunity to find out about our mad adventure.

Part sabbatical, part ex-pat trial, part money-saver (yes, we plan on saving money living abroad), our adventure came about because the lovely little home we are renting in the most perfect neighborhood for us in our favorite city is being renovated by the owners so they can move in and retire. I’m really happy for them as I cannot imagine a better place to do so.

We are a mortgage-free couple with a child under two who work from home. This is as fluid as our life will get for the foreseeable future, so we decided to jump on the chance to explore other cultures and change the tune of our lives.

I cannot speak for NomPa (as I will refer to him for now), but I am personally really looking forward to certain aspects of this adventure, all the while mourning what I will miss about the beloved Pacific Northwest. I am excited to get out of the subversive invasive pressure to grow, expand, build and accumulate that is inherent in American culture. I’m excited to try foods in countries small enough that fresh and local is *normal*. I will miss breastfeeding in public without anyone batting an eyelash, access to trendy foods such as coconut aminos and dairy-free, soy-free ‘ice cream’ and a reliable hairdresser to maintain my super short hair. I may miss hot showers. I may be ecstatic to dance in a tropical rainstorm with my son. All we really need is wi-fi for NomPa’s work and a scorpion-free bed to sleep in. I believe, at this point in time, that everything else is gravy on top.

I plan on focusing more time on our boy and less time on work, exploring local foods and recording recipes and experiences here, and using our experience to further define and refine what *we* want from life, wherever we end up living. This blog’s intent is to record that experience for those at home who wish to stay in touch, serve as a journal and culinary notebook as I cook my way back to health and explore new foods in new countries, and be a journal of sorts for me to share what it’s like to pack up and leave home for an extended period of time with a child under two.


One thought on : Here we go!!

  • Lizard Hartnett
    July 16, 2014 at 6:16 am

    Looking forward to hearing about the adventures to come!!!!

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