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2 September, 2014

T minus 21 Days

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Wow, 3 weeks until we leave home.


This is a little shocking to consider. I feel like we’ve been living in limbo for MONTHS. Since we’ve known this was coming since late spring, the moment to turn in our keys has been a long time coming. Initially we had hoped to be out over the holiday weekend, but packing a home and sorting through things with an infant budding on toddlerhood has been slow, slow, slow. I think it only could have been accomplished if we’d had a third person move in for the month of August strictly to help out.

Much of the furniture has been sold and we procured our storage unit a couple of days ago. Initial runs to storage, Goodwill and the dump need to be made and then we will really be able to assess how much is left.

To know that we have three weeks left puts a quivering pit in my stomach. We really are leaving! I am sad again, and at the same time very anxious to be done with this phase of sorting, packing, and selling things off.


Here’s some of what I have learned in the last month:

  • Having a friend take pics and post your shit on Craigslist is as amazing a gift as those who supply you with a month of food when you have a newborn. I don’t think we would have gotten nearly as much sold, or as much for our belongings had we done this ourselves.
  • People have a tendency to procrastinate seeing you when you announce you are leaving town. This has happened before. If my crystal ball is accurate, this will mean way more people than we can feasibly see will be wanting to have one last lunch or dinner the week we leave. I don’t see how to remedy this problem; I’m not throwing a second going away party. Also – have someone else throw that going away party for you; you’ll enjoy it more.
  • The act of discarding one’s belongings is a fantastic exercise in attachment issues. See this post.
  • Packing a house while trying to stay off caffeine is a terrible, terrible idea.

We’ve added Guanajuato, MX to the list of places to stay – looking at 4-6 weeks there before we hit the Yucatan. Also on the table after talking with others; Portugal and Croatia. But first we need to get our nomadic feet wet and master Latin America.

We don’t have anything really cemented in, just general ideas of locations and how long we think we’ll want to be away. Much depends on how long we can stay in any particular country, our own desire to nest in each location long enough to get a good feel for the place, make friends and keep babyNoms from being excessively over-stimulated. We know we’ll be in the PNW until just before Thanksgiving so that BabyNom can have his birthday with friends, the holidays will be in Colorado with NomPa’s side of the family, and we’ll pop into Texas to visit my side of the family before heading into Mexico in January. The rest of 2015 is a sketch in watercolor – undefined, tentatively formed, and a bit of a mystery.





2 thoughts on : T minus 21 Days

  • Stephanie Slavin
    September 2, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    Hi, I’m the friend of Brenda Newberry (Cincinnati) who lives in Cuenca, Ecuador. We (husband, 2 cats and a Lab) retired here 18 months ago from Charlotte, NC, and are very happy. I was just speaking with a woman today who moved here 6 days ago with hubby and daughters 7 & 9—they came from a year in Costa Rica, plan to be here a year for kids to experience another culture and learn a 2nd language. So, not so strange you plan to nomad around with a 1 year old! In this city of 500,000, there are about 3,000 expats, mostly from North America, a few from Europe. Most are retirees, but the number of young families is growing strongly. So, if you decide to drop in, we’d love to meet you and show you our city—8,200 high in the Andes.

    We understand and commiserate with all you’re going through, as we sold a house, several cars, lots of farm equipment, horses, etc. in 5 months, prior to our move. It’s really freeing, after you survive the stress! Good luck, and we understand if we don’t hear from you for awhile. Stephanie

    • nommom
      September 3, 2014 at 11:15 am

      Stephanie, I’m so happy to hear from you!

      We will definitely consider popping into Ecuador since we will be in neighboring Central America. Currently we are very open and fluid in our plans, limited only by Visas and needing access to high speed internet at least one day a week so NomPa can work. As you are in the Andes, I imagine there are ruins nearby. The history of the original peoples in any area we are at is definitely of interest.

      I will be in touch again further down the road for specifics. In the meantime, I look forward to your insight and experiences as well. Whether retired or with a youngster, there is more in common than different among all of us!

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