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22 October, 2014

Portland: Land of Unicorns, Food Trucks, and Freecycling

Posted in : Experience Portland on by : nommom

There is a passive-aggressive tension between Seattle and Portland. Seattle seems to regard Portland as its Pacific Northwest younger sibling – smaller, less worldly, yet adorable in its attempts to impress itself upon the world. Portland regards Seattle much like one would an older sibling – believing the latter to be snobbish, unrecognizing of Portland’s contributions
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1 October, 2014

Top Ten Poor Choices to Make When Moving

Posted in : Travel Lessons on by : nommom

1) Move out of your home slowly over the course of several months.  Why it’s wrong:  3-4 weeks of losing furniture means that much longer without comfort. Don’t rip the bandaid off slowly. Honestly, though, we don’t know how we could have done this differently. If possible, I would recommend spending the last few days to
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