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16 February, 2015

Restructuring Self-Care

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Being in the United States and staying with friends and family has allowed us a more consistent support system than I felt we had living at home. That said, with flights booked to Mexico and an apartment rented I am acutely aware that the ease of self-care I have gotten is about to vanish.

The last 4 months or so the gym has become my go to place to recharge and reclaim a bit of myself. Squish is starting to wean and this additional freedom has allowed me more opportunities for self-care.

Mexico is not where I would expect to find fitness facilities in abundance, and outside of the larger cities I also would not expect to find places where women can go in and lift heavy shit. So this leaves me relying on my own devices and tackling one of my biggest challenges: exercising at home.

In addition to mapping out an at home fitness schedule, I will be restructuring my self care to include the following:

  • solo walks to explore the city (reflection time/exploration)
  • look into Spanish lessons/immersion classes (connecting with others/learning)
  • FaceTime with friends back home (connecting with others)

I’m going to begin some of this in these final two weeks before we leave to get the momentum rolling and break through that initial hump while still on home soil where there are less perceived obstacles to stop me. While starting some habits are easier to achieve with a new environment, some of the ones which I already struggle with (at home exercise, FaceTime) will only be made worse with the greater degree on unfamiliarity around me. I’ll check in before we leave and let you know how it goes!

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