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22 March, 2015

Rookie Mistakes

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  • Choosing to wing it.

    With *anything* …. “Oh, it’s no biggie to convert Centigrade to Fahrenheit”, you say? Try working with an oven that is only numbered 1 through 5. Bring an oven thermometer if you plan on baking.


  • Not bringing enough cash.

    Yeah, stuff is cheap and your cash goes a long way in Latin America, but credit card merchants are pricey and only expensive places catering to travelers have them so you’ll still burn through your cash quickly. Bring extra or make sure you can withdraw from a bank without exorbitant foreign transaction fees.


  • Leaving your digestive aids at home. 

    Bring your tums, your Betaine HCl, your anti-parasite tincture and any other digestive remedy in your day pack or purse because you never know when Montezuma is gonna go all crazy on your ass.  Probiotics are your friend, especially if you get into trouble and end up taking an antibiotic! Bring it with you or ferment your own.


  • Hanging clothes on the clothesline when the forecast is rain and thunderstorms.

    No matter how confident you are you’ll remember to collect them before the storm clouds blow through town you’ll be caught trying to retrieve your soaking wet shirt from your neighbor’s roof at least once.

It looks like milk, but it’s not *completely* milk.


  • Not reading labels.

    After 2 bottles of ‘milk’, I realized what I had been purchasing was only 73% milk cut with 27% vegetable oil. Evidently that’s a thing here. *shudder*

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