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Who are the Nomadic NomNoms?

Hi! I’m NomMom! I’m a die hard foodie, mostly stay at home mom with a wanderlust that cannot be stopped. I have been wanting to travel and live in other countries since I was a child. It was a serendipitous turn of events that brought me to this place of going nomadic for at least a year, with my foodie hubby and budding foodie baby in tow! In my previous life I ran my own private practice in health and wellness.┬áNow, as I step outward into the world with my family, I’ll also be stepping inward and discovering what fuels me in my next phase in life, motherhood. The constants – food, adventure, and exploration – will be chronicled here.

Then there is NomPa. While I’m the family wino, he’s the one in the family who actually knows something about wine. He is blessed (or cursed) to have a career that needs only a reliable wi-fi connection and a laptop. So while he works, BabyNom and I will be exploring the cities and diving into the local cuisine. He is my main taste tester and is a gifted optimist.

babyNom (aka Squish) began this journey just before his first birthday. He is a gentle, sweet, extroverted child who has a knack for getting strangers to fall instantly in love with him. His favorite things are Seaweed, rotisserie chickens, Max the Swedish Bunny, dancing to a good beat, chasing birds, playing in fountains and exploring his surroundings.

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