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1 November, 2014

Canmerican Thanksgiving

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    Heritage Turkey – this was SO TASTY. If you have the chance, get a heritage bird this year. The difference in depth of flavor was astounding and borderline revolutionary. As with the gravy we served it with, it was prepared it the style of Mark Bittman. (Check out Bittman’s gravy here. Incidentally, it
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22 October, 2014

Portland: Land of Unicorns, Food Trucks, and Freecycling

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There is a passive-aggressive tension between Seattle and Portland. Seattle seems to regard Portland as its Pacific Northwest younger sibling – smaller, less worldly, yet adorable in its attempts to impress itself upon the world. Portland regards Seattle much like one would an older sibling – believing the latter to be snobbish, unrecognizing of Portland’s contributions
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1 October, 2014

Top Ten Poor Choices to Make When Moving

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1) Move out of your home slowly over the course of several months.  Why it’s wrong:  3-4 weeks of losing furniture means that much longer without comfort. Don’t rip the bandaid off slowly. Honestly, though, we don’t know how we could have done this differently. If possible, I would recommend spending the last few days to
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